Streamlining Intestate And Testate Probate

probateThe death of a loved one is emotional. If your loved one passed away without a will, legal issues may create greater stress.

When an individual dies without a will (intestate), state law determines how and to whom the estate of the deceased will be transferred. Texas intestate probate can be a prolonged, impersonal and costly undertaking. It prevents beneficiaries from experiencing the closure they seek after a loved one's death by adding anxiety to an already difficult time.

Rather than allowing the state to disburse your property, you can streamline probate by creating a will. Since 2002, I, Letty Gavito, have assisted family members throughout Central Texas by drafting wills, statutory, durable and medical powers of attorney, directives to physicians and other end-of-life documents. In hiring me to provide you those legal services, you can ensure that your property will be disbursed according to your wishes.

When you execute a will, you are assured that your estate will be managed by the person you trust and whom you've selected. I can navigate this process and minimize the unnecessary anxiety many beneficiaries endure when they represent themselves.

Providing Straightforward Solutions For A Range Of Probate Matters

When we meet at my San Antonio office, I will assess your situation, explain your available options and establish a plan to meet your needs. Guided by my experience in this field, I can facilitate procedures related to:

  • Last will and testament
  • Affidavit of notice to beneficiaries
  • Small-estate affidavit
  • Testate probate
  • Intestate probate

I consider it my vocation to use legal advocacy to empower my clients. You can lessen the burden of uncertainty by contacting my firm today.

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