The Legal Ally You Need For International Custody Conflicts

If you were involved in a bitter divorce, your domestic conflicts with your former spouse probably did not end afterHauge you received your divorce decree. Angry former spouses may refuse to follow terms of a settlement agreement after divorce procedures end to punish their exes. Some infractions, such as disregarding the terms of a property settlement agreement, may have straightforward legal remedies. Other offenses may endanger the life of a child and require more complicated legal action to address.

International child abduction cases are among the most difficult custody violations cases to resolve. When a parent takes a child out of his or her home country without the other parent's consent, specific protocols must be followed. In these situations, you need to retain a lawyer with experience in international custody laws.

Since 2002, I, Letty Gavito, have represented parents throughout Texas who need help handling Hague Convention child custody cases. Whether you have been accused of absconding with your child or are seeking your child's return, I can help you navigate this process.

Benefit From My Experience With Hague Convention Custody Cases

As your attorney, I will educate you on your options and explain how your decisions will affect your case. In addition to my litigation background, I am fluent in Spanish and well-versed in international laws. These qualities help me to serve nonnative English speakers and international clients effectively.

When you retain my legal services, I will personally oversee the steps necessary to pursue action in court such as:

  • Draft and file pleadings using the appropriate ministry of the foreign country and the US State Department.

  • Determine the appropriate jurisdiction — federal or state.

  • Develop a legal strategy for the petitioner or defendant.

  • Argue claims in court — filing a pleading with the appropriate court.

Please arrange a free consultation at my San Antonio firm to take the first steps toward concluding this conflict.

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