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As a family law attorney and probate lawyer, I identify and implement legal remedies for some of life's most stressful moments. Whether you are considering divorce or are dealing with the estate of a loved one, I can guide you through the process.

You are not expected to know the law or the legal procedures required to ensure that your legal cause of action-be it a divorce, a custody dispute, a modification, enforcement, or drafting or probating a will is handled correctly. Together, we can work to resolve your issues in a satisfactory manner.

Your Legal Partner For Family Law And Probate Concerns

Guided by more than a decade of legal experience, I can ably advise you on a range of family law and probate issues, including:

During our initial consultation at my San Antonio office, I will listen to your account, assess your circumstances and give you my honest opinion about your legal options. From this first meeting until our final engagement, I will oversee all actions we pursue to achieve your goals. You will benefit from my personal involvement and accessibility.

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